Vote “For” Question 1!: Protect Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund


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Wisconsin voters aren’t the only ones who will be asked to decide how the state can spend its transportation dollars. On November 4, Maryland voters will also head to the polls to address this very issue.

Question 1 will appear on the ballot statewide and if passed, will ensure that revenue allocated to the Transportation Trust Fund will be used exclusively for the construction and maintenance of highways as well as related transportation purposes.

The measure offers the strongest possible protection for the Transportation Trust Fund by prohibiting future transfers to the general fund.  Up to now, legislative remedies have not been enough to stem the “raiding” of Maryland’s transportation coffers.  Only a constitutional amendment can ensure that major funds are available for current and future road and transit improvements.

A vote “for” provides a reliable source of transportation funding without the creation of new taxes, tolls or user fees as it hinders the diversion of Maryland’s transportation funding for non-transportation purposes. When voting, remember this:

  • A “lock box” will be created ensuring funds will only be able to be used for transportation related purposes.  The only override is a declared fiscal emergency and a three-fifths vote in both houses.
  •  You will prevent further raiding of the state’s transportation dollars. Over $1 billion has already been diverted from local transportation projects and never refunded.
  • The measure will have no effect on current or future tax rates or spending levels.
  • Ensuring funds are available for construction and maintenance of state and local roads will help reduce congestion, improve safety and reliability, create jobs, and boost the state’s economy.

Until July 1995, Maryland had a clear revenue sharing measure in place that designated how the Trust would be funded.

In 2014, voters are once again being asked to “lock” the state’s critical transportation fund and prevent transportation dollars from being used for general purposes.

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