This Week in Infrastructure: POTUS Calls on Congress to Fix the Trust Fund


The Highway Trust Fund got a lot of attention this week, with the help of some bad news for states and a speech by President Obama. While standing in front of the Key Bridge on Tuesday, appropriate for the week of Independence Day as it is named after Francis Scott Key, the President urged Congress to fix the Trust Fund.

That same day USDOT Secretary Foxx sent a letter to his state counterparts. Unfortunately, as warned for many months, he notified states that funding from the federal government will slow starting the first week of August as the HTF reaches shortfall levels.

From Virginia to Kentucky, Indiana to Hawaii to Louisiana, state DOTS are preparing for fewer and smaller reimbursements. It is not just DOTs that suffer because of an insolvent Highway Trust Fund. It puts 877,000 jobs at risk. Commuters will also likely spend more time sitting in traffic.

So as the Highway Trust Fund runs out of gas, what is there to do? Rep. Blumenauer sat down with The Washington Post to discuss his proposal to raise the gas tax and other options his state is pioneering to ensure a long-term, sustainable funding source.

Every day Americans have a say too. After all, that is what the Declaration of Independence was affirming. Share your thoughts with those who represent you in Washington at before heading off to your barbeques and fireworks.

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