This Week in Infrastructure: Gas Taxes & FTA Bus Grants


The start of pothole season is here, and it is clear that states are gearing up to take on the challenges that follow winter. To start the season of construction off right and in the weeks leading up to Infrastructure Week, states are reminding drivers about safe work zone practices through National Work Zone Awareness Week, searching for infrastructure funding in the form of a gas tax, and upgrading their public transportation systems.

Infrastructure Funding & the Gas Tax

More state legislatures are tackling infrastructure investment as families continue to lose $9 a day due to poor infrastructure. Several states are preparing to vote on the solution: the gas tax. Kentucky and Missouri are both in line to vote on this issue. If you live in one of these states, click the link to contact your legislator and show your support for the gas tax.

In Mississippi, the effects of insufficient funding made headlines as more than 100 bridges were closed because of their poor condition. This might encourage the governor to call the legislature back into session to focus on transportation funding, which was not addressed during the regular session because lawmakers could not reach a consensus.

FTA Bus Grants

Earlier this week, the federal government stepped up to help fund 139 bus-related projects across the country. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transportation Administration awarded $264.5 million in grants through the Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment. Some of these projects include providing easier access to public transportation in Birmingham, Alabama; purchasing and implementing battery-electric operated buses and charging equipment in Long Beach, California; replacing aging buses in Duluth, Minnesota; and purchasing natural gas buses in Wilmington, North Carolina.

As you see road crews out working thanks to warmer weather and increased funding, remember keeping the crews safe is everyone’s responsibility. Give them a break, as they are working to improve your commute!

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