This Week in Infrastructure: Fix the Trust Fund


This week ASCE launched The campaign encourages parents, businesses, commuters, and consumers to connect with Congress and ask for a long-term, sustainable funding solution for the Highway Trust Fund.

Our plea to Congress was echoed by our friends during the Rally for Roads on Wednesday. The rally brought together road builders, construction unions and equipment manufacturers in support of transportation project funding. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, who chair the Environment & Public Works and Finance committees respectively, spoke at the event in support of fixing the Highway Trust Fund. The two are key members working on the next transportation bill. Sen. Boxer again confirmed her commitment to passing a bill this summer, saying “We can’t build roads or sign up for important projects if we have a three-month patch.”

ASCE Executive Director Pat Natale also shared ASCE’s call for action in a guest post on the USDOT’s blog, Fast Lane.

In a microcosm of our nation’s need to invest more in roads and bridges, the Michigan state legislature failed to pass a much-needed roads funding bill. Stephen Henderson of The Detroit Free Press wrote about his (and many others’) frustrations, as Michigan potholes continue to be a constant battle for drivers months after winter’s end.

It is not just Michiganders who are frustrated and willing to invest in infrastructure. AAA released research this week demonstrating that drivers are willing to pay more for better roads. This can also be seen in the diverse group of people rallying around finding funding for the Highway Trust Fund. The growing urgency is also being felt by many states, including Oregon, South Dakota, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, and Iowa.

While discussions continue in Congress, a set path and long-term bill are still not a certainty as the deadline looms. Now is the time to contact your legislators. Visit and share the videos and facts to educate your friends and family on how to take action, too.

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