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Unless you fail to check this blog everyday (how dare you!), you should know that the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) passed this week . This is the first water bill to pass Congress in six years, and will help fix our ailing levees, ports, dams, and waterways.  This passage was an effort by numerous organizations, and we thank them all immensely. From media outreach to good ‘ole fashioned grassroots advocacy, the coordinated campaign surrounding WRRDA showed how many in Washington are committed to improving our infrastructure—a positive sign for things to come.

WRRDA is a bill that will help our economy and create jobs. A great sign is infrastructure advocates from across the country value our issues. This week we participated in an event in Denver with the local Chamber of Commerce and Building America’s Future titled “Investing in Infrastructure Matters.” Events like these allow us to talk to new groups and build coalitions to raise America’s infrastructure grades.

Obviously, this was a good week for America’s infrastructure, yet regrettably, our problems are too large for just one bill to fix. Now is the time for leadership and action. If you are interested in helping us Raise the Grades, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and stay up to date on this continuing effort.

Have a good weekend. Until next week.


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