Infrastructure in Arkansas Earns D+


AR RC CoverThis Thursday, the Arkansas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released their inaugural Infrastructure Report Card for the state grading the states’ infrastructure.

Arkansas’ infrastructure received a cumulative GPA of “D+” in the 2014 Report Card for Arkansas’ Infrastructure. The seven infrastructure categories evaluated in the report include:

Roads (D+)
Drinking water (D+)
Transit (D+)
Levees (D)
Dams (D)
Bridges (C+)
Wastewater (C+)

The report noted that Arkansas has the 12th largest highway system in the nation, as well as the second highest traffic fatality rate in the country as of 2010.  In addition, the state has 214 wastewater treatment facilities that will need upgrades and improvements in the next 20 years.

The Report Card, the first for Arkansas, was released during the annual ASCE Arkansas Section Conference and included a keynote address by Scott Bennett, director of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. The report  was featured in both the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Times-Record. The effort was led by Aaron Robinson, P.E., based in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Read the full Arkansas Report Card



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