Get Out The Vote (for Infrastructure Initiatives)


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Voting is the most important part of the election process.  On Election Day, elected officials find out if their constituents believe they’re doing a satisfactory job, or not.

This year on Election Day make sure you get out to vote.

On November 6, as you cast your vote for public officials at the national and state levels, you are also probably one of the voters in 39 states that will decide the fact 188 ballot propositions – the most since 2006.

While there are many important issues being decided in this election, it is important to note that there is more than $3 billion in bonding for schools and roads on the ballot across the country tomorrow.

From $450 million in transportation bonds in question in Alaska, to $300 million for water projects in Oklahoma to $1.5 billion in Arkansas to pay for a four-lane highway system statewide.

Please support your community’s needs!

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