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Software Pinpoints Vulnerabilities on Overhead Lines

In the energy sector, engineering and construction software for overhead power lines is rapidly changing that industry. It is estimated that software is now used on 80 percent of transmission line projects greater than 100kV in the United States. New lines can be routed and designed in the most efficient way which minimizes not only the cost, but the footprint of the projects. Planners, engineers, manufacturers, and construction companies can all work together electronically to rapidly design, procure materials, and construct such lines. The design and construction of overhead power lines can be done so quickly that permitting and materials procurements are most often the bottleneck in improving the transmission grid of America.

On existing overhead lines, software can analyze what was designed years ago using archaic hand methods – if they were even designed at all to pinpoint and reinforce any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. By finding and correcting those specific exposures, this drastically decreases the cost of a whole scale rebuild. This aids with storm hardening activities that are taking place across America as a result of many recent outages due to extreme weather events.

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