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Crowd-sourcing Traffic App Aids Transportation Agencies

Waze is rapidly gaining popularity as a navigation and “traffic avoidance” app, using real-time traffic and construction information to recommend the fastest route to your destination. Waze works using a crowd-sourcing functionality, meaning that it depends on users to report and verify traffic incidents and other scenarios that could slow down your trip.

There are side benefits to this data-rich app for local and state transportation agencies, and Waze has begun no-cost data-sharing agreements with at least 30 public sector partners. Waze offers anonymous traffic data via a live feed in exchange for information from the agencies such as construction closures that will improve the accuracy of their app information for travelers. Local transportation agencies in Los Angeles are getting creative with the uses for the data, including using the app to report and respond more rapidly to potholes and rerouting buses based on real-time information.

Courtesy Flickr User diaper

Courtesy Flickr User diaper

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