$4 Billion in State Bond Issues Up in General Election November 6


That $4 billion dollar figure is up from the $1.9 billion in infrastructure bonds that were on the ballot just 2 years ago according to the National Conference of State Legislators.  From transportation bonds in Alaska to a dam repair initiative in Hawaii to a clean water question in Rhode Island, infrastructure has come

Car crossing bridge in the Alaskan Yukon. Courtesy Flickr/Thom Watson

back into focus.

ASCE has identified statewide measures in six states that are of interest to our members and to the civil engineering profession as a whole.  ASCE members in Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Maine, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island should be on the lookout for Key Alerts urging action on these important ballot items.  For more information on these you can visit here.

Leading up to the election on November 6 we will be highlighting a different ballot item every Wednesday in this blog.  Check back next week for a discussion on the $1.3 billion upgrade to state and municipal roads in Arkansas.

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