Failure to Act Economic Reports | These studies quantify how persistent failure to invest in our aging infrastructure impacts the economy, including GDP, jobs, personal disposable income, and business sales. The latest reports from 2020 examine the water/wastewater and electricity sectors.

America’s Construction-Ready Infrastructure Projects | Our future economic prosperity relies on modern infrastructure, and our immediate need for recovery calls for large-scale reinvestment in America’s backbone – our infrastructure.

ASCE Policy Statement on State Licensure |  ASCE opposes legislation to weaken or eliminate professional licensing requirements for civil engineers. Such efforts pose threats to the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Report Card for America’s Infrastructure | The latest national grades were published in 2017 and include 16 categories of infrastructure, as well as solutions to raise the grades.

State Infrastructure Report Cards | Released on a rolling basis, these reports localize the issues identified in the national grades. State report cards also include solutions specific to that state on how to improve the infrastructure GPA.

Status Report: COVID-19’s Impacts on America’s Infrastructure | We’ve been underinvesting in our infrastructure for decades, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made a difficult situation worse. See how our roads, bridges, airports and more are faring in light of unprecedented demands on municipal and state budgets and understand how Congress can act to reinvest and prepare for our economic future.